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FREE Sheet Music

All sheet music for Daniel’s songs are free to encourage and facilitate church’s worship.  Please ensure you report all usage of songs on your church’s CCLI license.


Chord Charts and Lead Sheets from the album: For Worshipers, From Worshipers

Lead sheets (pdf) from Worship Always

Father  – (YouTube link)

I need You  – (YouTube link)

The moment You  – (YouTube link)

Over and Above (YouTube link)

Beyond Words (YouTube link)

Love Beyond  – (YouTube link)

Yesterday, today and forever  – (YouTube link)

Heaven’s reward  – (YouTube link)

It is well  – (YouTube link)

Lord You are my Shepherd  – (YouTube link)

When I say  – (YouTube link)

Overflow with You  – (YouTube link)

Just this one thing  – (YouTube link)

Lead sheets (pdf) from ‘Paradise Worship Albums’

Presence Beautiful + FOR A LIMITED TIME… Presence Beautiful.MP3 !!! yup, it’s a free audio track for you.
(YouTube link)

Just Because

You First
(YouTube link)


*If you’d like the sheet music in an alternate key please don’t hesitate to contact us.