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Daniel returns to the USA in March, 2016

Wednesday 9th March - Monday 21st March

Daniel returns to the West Coast and North of the US this March.  He is presenting his some of his PhD research at the Society of Pentecostal Scholars Conference in L.A., then heading to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for the launch of Gateway College, lecturing the RPL intensive of the Diploma in worship ministry.

Daniel and Kris have a heart for the U.S. and have seen God opening doors to impact the nation with the extraordinary and miraculous presence of God in worship as well as life-giving, practical and powerful application of God's word to people's lives.

Sunday, 13th March is still available in L.A., if you would like Daniel to come and minister at your church, we'd love to hear from you! matt@danielthornton.org

"I would highly recommend any pastor to have Daniel Thornton come and minister to your church. Daniel is extremely gifted and great at helping to build worship and leadership teams. Not only is he a powerful speaker and leader, he also brilliantly ministers in song. He has been a tremendous blessing to Wave Church and our team. His character and integrity are without question, and he has a heart that loves to serve and help build the local church.” 


Daniel worship leading at Paradise Community Church

 Ps Steve Kelly (Senior Pastor, Wave Church, Virginia Beach, VA)

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